Tattoox's transition to a new stack

Implementing a Digital Acceleration Program to Improve Reliability, Speed, and User Experience...


Tattoox is a rapidly growing company that offers a service that connects tattoo artists with people looking to get tattoos, enabling them to find the right artists for their needs. As the company expanded, technical issues arose that hindered its ability to scale. The challenge facing Tattoox was to find a solution that would allow it to transition its digital product to a technology that would enable it to scale more rapidly, with fewer issues and greater agility in developing new products.


The company considered hiring a technical team, but faced risks associated with hiring times and the need for strong technical knowledge. To address this need, Tattoox chose to implement a digital acceleration program in collaboration with Mankind Technologies. This solution allowed the Tattoox technical team to triple its resources immediately, implementing a transition plan that covered frontend and backend technologies, cloud providers, security, and integration with critical systems.


During the collaboration, Tattoox unlocked the opportunity to implement a disruptive new web design during the frontend technology migration. This enabled the company to publish not only a more reliable and faster digital product, but also one that was more attractive to its customers and users.

As a result of the collaboration, Tattoox has been able to update all of its digital product technologies to modern, scalable, and productive technologies. This transition has enabled the implementation of an organic traffic and branding marketing strategy, which has reduced paid media expenses and increased organic traffic tenfold. In addition, the implementation of a new business management panel and the migration to a structured database enabled Tattoox to unlock the automations necessary to scale its operations without increasing personnel costs.


Tattoox is a leading online platform that connects people seeking tattoo artists with a wide network of talented and experienced tattoo professionals. Through an innovative online platform that uses an intelligent form to match users with the right artists, the company helps individuals find the perfect tattoo artist to meet their specific needs. Additionally, users can filter by city and style to find the best artist for their tattoo, and they can easily contact the artist directly through the platform or via Instagram.

Founded in December of 2021 with just five founders, Tattoox has experienced remarkable growth, expanding its team to between 20 and 30 employees and collaborating with over 700 artists by mid-2022. The company's success is due to its exceptional user experience, innovative technology, and focus on delivering quality results for both artists and clients. With a commitment to quality and a dedication to customer satisfaction, Tattoox is the go-to platform for anyone seeking the best tattoo artist for their needs.

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