Kinótico: From Podcast to Online-Media Powerhouse


About Kinótico

Kinótico is a popular podcast managed by David Martos, a well-known journalist who contributes to Onda Cero, a leading media company in Spain. Kinótico is the thought-leader in the spanish media industry and has gained a loyal following due to their insightful commentary and engaging content. Despite their success, they realized that in order to grow their audience and remain competitive, they needed to upgrade their podcast to a full-blown online-media website.

Company Type
Online Media
Business model
Spain and LATAM


Kinótico faced several challenges in creating this website. Firstly, the project had a limited budget. Additionally, a highly customizable visual aspect that would allow Kinótico to differentiate themselves from their competitors needed to be implemented. Finally, Kinótico's business model required a mixed subscription model that combined free and paid articles, while also achieving a competitive page in terms of performance and SEO.

Mankind Technologies was tasked with developing a complete communication medium that could meet Kinótico's needs and provide them with a competitive edge in the crowded online-media landscape.

David Martos, Kinotico's Director


To address these challenges, Mankind Technologies' team leveraged a variety of tools and technologies. Sanity was used to save costs and to create a flexible headless CMS that allowed for maximum customization. Stripe was used to externalize the costs of implementing a payment gateway, and also serverless providers like Vercel and high-performance frameworks like Next.js were used to achieve a competitive page in terms of performance and SEO.

Additionally, SEO optimization techniques such as meta tags, json+ld, and open graph were implemented to improve search engine rankings and increase visibility.

The headless CMS that configured created for Kinótico was highly customizable and easy to use. This allowed them to easily manage their content and maintain their brand identity.


The solution delivered a highly performant and customizable communication medium that met Kinótico's needs. The website scored high on Lighthouse, especially in the SEO section, and the subscriber base and purchased articles have been increasing day by day. Additionally, the headless CMS allows Kinótico to easily manage and customize their content.

Since the launch of the website, Kinótico has seen significant growth in their audience and engagement levels, reaching +100k monthly. They have been able to effectively differentiate themselves in the crowded online-media landscape and maintain a competitive edge.

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