We are Mankind Technologies

A friendly boost for startups and companies

We are a cost-effective software and web development enterprise. We like to value detail and provide technology with a human touch.

Accessibility & usability

Constantly striving to improve digital services and create more inclusive platforms.


Committed to the needs of our clients and always seeking the best for the development of society.


We are always trying to find ways to improve the community with the projects we do, and this simple objective, is what we use at the heart of our work.

Good vibes

A positive workspace, where we value empathy, understanding and friendship.


Bringing all the human warmth to the technology, to make it as real and warm as possible.

Our solutions

We merge business vision, strategic design, and technology to help our clients to become their best digital version.
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MVP Prototyping

Web presence | Web Development | UX/UI Design

Digital Acceleration

Workflows | Platform integration

Our Clients

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Angel Armesto Diaz

CEO at Bethey

The work has been developed in the times stablished in the proposal, in a very efficient way, responding successfully to the commitment acquired and transmitting full confidence to us. Everything has been done with great professionalism.

image client

Antonio Hernandez

CTO at World Mobile Group

We had an impossible deadline, and we found this rockstar team that made the goal possible. I'd give an 11 over 10.

image client

Eudald Arranz

Director of Engineering at Bloobirds

Really, if you are considering some external help they are the best push!I have worked with them quite a few times and it's always a pleasure. Their capacity to deal with really complex problems makes everything easy.

image client

Julio Braceli

CEO at Growara

The ability you have shown to go beyond the problem and offer improvements. The peace of mind that there is always a solution. Respect for deadlines, constant communication in chat, loom, and telephone. BRUTAL service. We would certainly repeat.

They have already trusted us, what are you waiting for?
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